This Monsoon will fill consumer’s pocket

Monsoon will fill consumer’s pocket.The expectations has been more increased of consumer durable sector due to beter monsoon and seventh pay commission. The sector has to expectation of increase in demand from hint of increase of income of ordinary people. Sentiments become well due to GST sector became positive. From this investment chance has created in company’s sector.
According to SBI cap which sectors will get profit from regulate GST, in this consumer durable sector are also included. According to experts if government decided the tax rates from 17 up to 18 percent then tax burden will low on sector. From time to being maximum tax rate is 30 percent. In this way companies which focussing on increase sales can passed ahead this relaxing to the consumer. Expectation of demand will increase from it. Where from GST cost can be decrease of logistic and inventory handling. Cost of companies can be reduce from it.

There is expectation of sentiment reform also from seventh pay commission for consumer durable sector. In next 6 month Rs. 70 thousand is expected to get government staffs from salary increment. Market is expecting that demand will increase during festive season from this amount which government staffs got. Those sector will get profit of increase in sales consumer durable segment included in that. Along with expectation of market more increased from monsoon is being good in this year. Pulses are sowing maximum in last 5 years due to well raining and get good price. The area increased 35 percent of pulses sowing than last year. Where the speed of cereals sowing also being very well than last year.

According to head of trade swift Sandip Jain effect of increase money to the consumer would be seen in many sector, consumer durables are also included in it. According to him hint as like pay commission and GST is more positive for the sector. In this way investor can invest with attitudes for long period in the sector of companies. Sandip Jain advised to invest in Lloyd electric and engineering on present level. Stock closed on Tuesday on the level of 249. Where, Sandip also advised to invest in crop ton grieves on the present level. Share closed at the level of 83 on Tuesday.

Broking firm daulat capital advised to invest in blue star target of Rs. 580. According to the report of broking firm total quarter sales being 21 percent more than assumptions before help of 23 percent of strong growth in the sales of room A.C. total sales being Rs.1173 crore increased by 23 percent compare to last year. Broking firm estimated that margin of company will be good in this financial year compare to last year. Where present level of stock is very attractive compared to other companies of sector.

Broking firm edelweiss and angel broking advised to invest in A.C. maker company Voltas. Edelweiss targeted 365 for share. Where angel broking targeted 407. Company makes product for ordinary people

as well as industry also. Share in domestic A.C. market of company is continuously more than 20 percent. According to the report of angel broking in upcoming time sales could be well with the help of hint get from economy.

Angel broking keeping advice to purchase in Bajaj Electricals to target of 299. According to broking firm in future consumer sentiments will be good its profit will get to whole sector. Where company has strong position in its sector due to which company will get whole profit of growth. Result of first quarter of company about to come this week. Company has launched many new products in last month. In upcoming time its affect will be on sales.