Pakistan Policeman Slaps Woman Reporter In Karachi In Live Broadcast!

Yes, It is Pakistan we are talking about guys this is the country where these kind of things happen in broad day light in the live broadcast. This country’s laws are quite different compared to other countries I guess, Policeman here slapped a press reporter while she is asking about the issues in the place to the citizens knowing that Pakistan has deployed paramilitary force with Frontier Constabulary with policeman to that place. After policeman coming to that policeman slapped reporter and behaved with her improperly. She was tackling on the some of the citizen’s issues in Nazimabad in National Database and Registration Authority.The footage of the occurrence, which demonstrates the policeman slapping the columnist after she censures him for troubling her cameraperson, has circulated around the web. Subsequent to slapping her, few shots can be listened, even as the camera tumbles to the ground in the perplexity. Karachi police have enlisted a body of evidence against the FC monitor for ethereal terminating and ambushing the unobtrusiveness of a lady, reported The Financial Express. The columnist who was ambushed has been distinguished as Saima Kanwal of Pakistani TV channel K 21. She posted video footage of disposed of projectile shells taking after the occurrence.

In a fairly stunning episode, a Frontier Constabulary (FC) trooper sent as a security protect at the NADRA office in Nazimabad, Karachi slapped a female columnist when she was doing a live scope of the issues confront by nationals at the NADRa enlistment office. As indicated by reports, Saima Kanwal was attempting to address the watch in regards to the issue, when the protect lost his temper and slapped her.

In the video, the correspondent can be seen discussing the issues individuals office at the enrollment office. Amid which, she occupies the camera towards the watch. He first tries to prevent the cameraman from shooting, however when Kanwal counters at him for assaulting the media, he slapped her. After the video turned out to be generally coursed, Karachi Police enlisted a body of evidence against the FC protect.