Google CEO Sunder Pichai Account Hacked, to check security said hacker

Google CEO Sunder Pichai Quora has hacked. Hacker Group from Saudi Arab ‘our-mine’ has hacked Pichai Account. This group has hacked High Profile Executive Account before the benign of this month, Our-mine had hacked four account with Pinterest, and Tweet of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. There have not any response from google yet.
Hacker’s team of three members are posting message on Quora by Pichai Account. His Quora Account is connected with his Twitter Account.
According to the website Our-mine is trying to do its rebranding as a form of Security Farm.
Our-mine said, it is supporting Pichai as people.but this type accident will happen again.
According to a report, Our-mine is doing a test through did Pichai Account hacked. The Our-mine told that they are testing the people security. They didn`t change their password. They did so that because many others Hacker can do this and can change all.
Before this the Tourmaline hacked twitter of Zuckerberg, Instagram and Pinterest Account in the June month.
Hacker Group claim that his intention was that to reach his left social account to LinkedIn Account of Zuckerberg.
Hacker said that Facebook CEO kept Linden password was that dadada that is very easy.
This group twitted by twitter account of Zuckerberg alleged account. After it deleted.
This group wrote in tweet, “Hey Mark, we had your account. We did this for your security. Contact us.”

Lacks LinkedIn User Account hacked in 2012.

Mark Zuckerberg Account is involved in those account.

None tweet has been from Zuckerberg alleged account.

Although, many times it said a duplicate account because it has not verified. According to a media report, this is mark Zuckerberg Account. He doesn’t use this.