Goa University, Goa India Review!

Goa University, Goa is among the top universities in India it is ranked 20th in India and has weighted score of 69.90. This university was established by an act in in the government in 1984. But it started its working from 1985 June 1. This university offers many higher education programs in India.
This university was recognized by NAAC ( National Assessment and Accreditation Council). And has a review of 4 stars. Before this university had affiliation through Bombay University. It had its first colleges in state capital Panaji.
In spite of the fact that the Portuguese frontier powers set up a few theological colleges and various ward schools after their entry in Goa in the sixteenth century, these offered essentially religious and rudimentary instruction, individually. Therapeutic training began in the mid eighteenth century, in the Royal Hospital in the old City of Goa, and the main general restorative course was offered in 1801 at the Royal and Military Hospital. In the 1950s endeavors were made by the administration to guarantee mandatory enrolment in grade schools (Varde 83). Non-public schools additionally flourished, incorporating into Marathi and English mediums. Some of these instructed up to secondary school and arranged the understudies to show up for Secondary School Certificate Examination (Matric/SSCE) of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, Pune.
Dr. P.S. Varde (History of Education in Goa from 1510 to 1975, Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa, Panaji, Goa, 1977) cites the accompanying figures for enrolment in elementary schools in Goa, Daman and Diu, in the year 1961-62:
In the 151 Government Portuguese primary schools – number of children: 17, 028
In the 104 private Portuguese primary schools – 9, 298
In the 4 Government Marathi-Portuguese schools: 125
In the 167 registered (private) Marathi schools: 13, 309
In the primary sections of the Marathi secondary (private) schools 2, 911
In the 10 Urdu-Portuguese (Government) schools: 717
In the 8 Urdu private schools: 482
In the 11 Government Gujarati Portuguese schools: 1,101
In the 4 non-Government Gujarati schools: 284
In the primary sections of secondary Gujarati schools: 1,039
In the 17 English medium private primary schools: 900
In the primary sections of the three English Secondary Schools: 6, 413.
There were also around 100 Marathi schools not registered in the Education Department.
The enrolment in secondary schools:
Lyceum: 921
In the 13 Private Lyceum institutions: 1,700
In the 53 private English schools 4, 997
In the 19 Marathi schools: 1, 287
In the 6 Gujarati schools: 283