This famous School of Allahabad Has banned Singing National Anthem!

What irony is this! In country like India only these kind of things happen! People brainwash future citizens of India. Children who don’t know anything if you teach them wrong in future they are going to follow the same.

In the name of religion caste people are dividing people and spreading violence across the country. People are now started debating on things like Religion and whose religion is super and powerful and many religious conversions happening on these things, even they are offering very comfort life for these people.

Now what and very worse is happening in school and colleges is that they are now started to disturb the patriotic feelings of the young generation of India.

They are bringing religious reasons and excuses which are not true into dividing National’s Integrity.

This is what happened in a school of Allahabad they gave a reason that singing national anthem is UnIslamic what a nonsense!
Especially in Independence day students are barred from singing National Anthem, Vandemataaram and Sarswati shloka!

Mohammad Zia Ul haq manager of the M A Convent School who believes in these kind of nonsenses He tells that singing national anthem in the school is very un Islamic.

Taking a firm remain for Muslims, he expressed such hogwash that will make your ears drain. This is what he said:


“The national song of praise has a line, ‘Bharat bhagya vidhata’, which is against Islam as Allah is our bhagya vidhata. By what method would we be able to say Bharat has made our fate. In the national hymn, the nation has been portrayed as being greater and more essential than mazhab (religion) and khuda (god), which is unsatisfactory for any genuine Muslim.”

The vital refered to that the school has more Hindu understudies than Muslim understudies and this choice is very inadmissible.

Notwithstanding that, she said that she would make a legitimate move.

Maybe, the director needs some sense to be penetrated into his head. Then again perhaps, he can quit finding for some hidden meaning and reaching silly inferences in light of the fact that regarding one religion doesn’t imply that we are affronting the other.