Astounding Reply By Radhika Apte To The Press Reporter..!

One of the most amazing brilliant actress in India today is Radhika Apte. Recently she was acted in a movie along side of Rajanikant in Kabali . She is again in news after the controversies of Late Smita Patil award with the Katrina kaif.
Recently one of the short films of Anuraga Kashyapa has been leaked in that short film, That film showed Radhika Apte in Semi nude scene.
Also the scenes from the movie Parched are talked much and made controversies because of the love scenes in the movie.
As a actress and a celebrity she was always minding her own work and never been in news on Tuesday amid a public interview in Mumbai, a columnist got some information about the same scene however his inquiry mirrored the backward attitude that still lives and flourishes in our nation.

The columnist asked “Was making such debates and doing strong scenes was important to end up fruitful?”

All Radhika Apte needed to do was talk her brain and that would be sufficient to demonstrate the columnist his place and that is precisely what she did.

She started her answer by commenting how absurd the inquiry was in any case. She later went ahead to tell the journalist that debates are made out of individuals who think doing a naked scene is disputable, somebody like the correspondent himself.

She finished her answer with a recommendation for the columnist: “In the event that you need to see a bare body, take a gander at yourself in the mirror tomorrow”.