44% Demand of Entry Level Mobile that comes in market in this year

The demand of Entry level Smartphone is increasing fast in country. Growth on 44% can be in the sale of 10 thousand and less than price smartphone in this year. Said in the report of CMR that 70% Mobile phone is capturing on this mobile market. Domestic and foreign Companies will present Entry Level Smartphone with more feature in India in these days.
According to a report, this smartphone Segment will be 13 Million handset after increase.
9.7 Million Handset came in last year through 163 Brands.
9.1 million Handset among 13 million Handset will be in this segment.
Said in report, Market Share of Smartphone of Entry Level and 10 thousand Rs was 75% in 2015.
44% Growth will list in 10 Thousand Rs Segment
Consumer Feature Phone will upload in Smartphone.
Segment of more than 20 thousand Rs will be 19%

Said in report that Segment of more than 20 thousand Rs Smartphone will be increase 19%

It will get more benefit of this segment

This Segment growth was 15% last year.

Market presentation of a smartphone of more than 20 thousand Rs. Was 7% in 2015

Total 19 products of this are in market.4G has become cheap in India. Said in the report of Kodak Industry Equity about 15 models phones are available in market that price is 5 thousand Rs and less than it. Said in report that now it can buy a 4G smartphone at 4 thousand Rs. Such smartphone price was 7 thousand Rs before six months ago.

Searcher Director of gaunter Ranjeet Atvaal said where sell of a smartphone all over world are seeming less. There, sell of smartphone in India are seeming in double Digits. Worst effect are looking in China and North America where Growth will be on 0.7 and 0.4%. According to report, it is possible to sale 150 million smartphone in ending of the year that is 7% more than 2015.it is a guess to have 190 million of total mobile market of world.